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Services include:

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Proof reading/Editing up to 100 pages of text

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Cover art for printed and digital formats

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Formatting including layout and text design

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ISBN number and record

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Consultation session to explore printing and distribution options

Cheese Press Traditional Publishing opportunities are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to start a discussion about whether your educational material would be a good fit with our brand.

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Kindergarten Homeschool Portfolio

Our Kindergarten Homeschool Portfolio

This homeschool portfolio journal is for anyone who ever asked “where do I get a Kindergarten curriculum?” Kindergarten should be a laid-back experience for the child with active learning happening just two hours a day. It includes the milestones your child should reach as well as suggestions for nursery rhymes and books they should be familiar with. There is a nature journal, alphabet and number sheets, spelling, and more.

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Paperback Mass Market Version

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Digital .pdf w/ 3 copy license

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Get a Customized Version of the Kindergarten Homeschool Portfolio

The mass marketed version of the Kindergarten Homeschool Portfolio includes several types of experiences, including a page for club activities, sports activities, & service activities. This custom version allows you to select from the following pages to include in your book, or request something unique to you!

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Kindergarten Homeschool Portfolio

Ancient History Curriculum

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Pre-order the Digital Version of the Curriculum

Year one of a four year history and language arts curriculum set. Suitable for middle and high school students..

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History curriculum in order

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A whole world approach to the study of history

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Pairing with literature that coordinates with the time period

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Extensive citations to relevant research material

More to come

Additional History Units

Medieval Floor Mosaic

Post-Classical History

Year two of the classical history cycle. This time period covers from roughly the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the Hundred Year's War and Joan of Arc.

Page from the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) showing a geared device disassembled.  Ca. 1500.

Pre-Modern History

Year three of the classical history cycle. This time period covers the Age of Exploration and spans from around 1500-1750.

Famous World War II Fighters P-51 and P-47 Over Airport

Modern History

The final year of the classical history cycle. This course picks up around 1750 and continues to around 1980. We choose not to cover current events as some distance of time is required to truly conduct historical analysis.

Additional Titles in the Works

Other courses to be released include...

  • Influencers in American History
  • Role Play Government with Economics
  • Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship
  • Script Writing
  • Play Production
The American Revolution, George Washington at Valley Forge, President George Washington on horseback in snow at Valley Forge, by Percy Moran, circa 1911.
The Declaration of Independence - USA
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What we do.


We teach history in order

By teaching events in the order that they happen it becomes possible to see causes, results, and connecting threads through events


We draw from scholarly research

We plan to review and update the material on a four year cycle as new research becomes available


We teach history from the viewpoint of different cultures

The dominate culture is often the perspective that drives history, however, that only tells one side of a complex story


We guide students to develop skills

We encourage a research essay each week, along with a midterm project, and a final project


We match the history with literature

Linking literature to the history being studied provides an opportunity for greater understanding of both subjects


We prepare students for the future

We teach the history that students must learn to be competitive in higher education

Our benefit

What we DON'T do.

Our benefit


We don't teach to make students feel bad

We don’t ask students to internalize blame or shame for the past history of the world


We don't sugar-coat facts

History includes some really unpleasant events and prevailing mindsets, we believe that acknowledging that reality and teaching those elements is part of the responsibility of teaching history


We don't teach young-earth creationism

While we acknowledge that science and research is always ongoing, our curriculum is based on the best scholarly research available at the time

Our Story

How did Cheese Press get its start?

Searching for Curriculum

The co-founders of Cheese Press are also the Executive Directors for Hazelwood Prep, a non-profit educational organization serving the homeschool community and traditionally schooled students who need additional support. When establishing that organization they struggled to find an independent study curriculum that taught whole world history, in order, and backed by scholarly research. The material needed to take an honest look at historical events without suggesting that the students internalize the blame for humanity's past mistakes. Thus, they started writing their own. Over the past three years many lessons have been learned as they implemented the first round of teaching some of these courses. It is now time to publish the first edition of Volume One of the History cycle: Ancient History.

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What qualifications do we have to develop curriculum?

Educational Background

The co-founders of Cheese Press, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Mere, collectively have decades of homeschool teaching experience. Additionally, they already had professional experienced in research, writing, and graphic design before beginning this journey. For the past four years the format and structure of a Cheese Press History has been being tested and tweaked in a small classroom environment. Upon being repeatedly asked for an accredited program, Ms. Andrea and Ms. Mere decided to continue their studies by pursuing Master in Education degrees which were completed in March 2023. Additionally, they have recruited a handful of young adults who have recently completed their Bachelor and Master degrees to the writing and editing team as well as several high school interns who are helping turn that information into video content.

Our Story

Our Story

How did Cheese Press get its name?

The Inaugural Class for Hazelwood Prep

Year one for Hazelwood Prep was the first iteration of Influencers in American History. In an effort to teach primary sources the class was given a booklet to read aloud in class as we studied the World's Fairs. This booklet was an actual piece of memorabilia that children were given from a print on demand printing press display. As the students muddled through the booklet the main character repeatedly mentioned the wonderous cheese press that he discovered at the World's Fair. After about the third mention of a "cheese press" the students began to dramatically shout the phrase. As such the name was adopted for the publishing company as a fun sort of play on words.

historical printing press
Cheese Making. Making Cottage Cheese Using Cheese Press and Trad

Meet the Authors

The people behind the research and writing of our material.

Our team

Andrea Hermitt & Mere Jones


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Jordan Hermitt

Ashaunti Samms

Emily Petty

Sara Satterfield

Writing & Editing Team

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JJ Jones

Rahima Coulibaly

Sophia Satterfield

Video Team

Our contact

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Cheese Press, LLC

Locally owned and operated in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

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