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What is an imprint??

An imprint is just a fancy word for division or category. They are often used to market books of a similar genre or books with similar features. These divisions can help readers find more books similar to things they like or need. For instance, many large publishing houses have an imprint just for children’s books and everything published by that division has been selected to be appropriate children’s reading material.

The Cheese Press Publishing Co - Imprints

History Curriculum

A Cheese Press History

Ancient Greek Temple

Educational materials for teaching History and Language Arts in an integrated fashion.

Works published by A Cheese Press History include the curriculum developed for the classrooms of our non-profit, sister organization Hazelwood Prep. The philosophy behind the development of this curriculum is to provide material in support of teaching middle and high school students History and Language Arts using an integrated methodology and following the classical model. This means that we teach history over a four year cycle and divide the course into Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, and Modern periods.

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Students & Families

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Hazelwood Select

Works created by the students, families, and friends of Hazelwood Prep.

Teaching Having a Class with Student

Writing is a core element of the educational program offered by our non-profit, sister organization Hazelwood Prep. In support of our students’ education and growth we offer the opportunity for exceptional student work to be published by the Hazelwood Select imprint. Sometimes a work might be a collaboration between children and their parents or other trusted mentor, and these projects may also be included in the catalog of Hazelwood Select. The topics and formats of works published by the Hazelwood Select imprint may be quite varied.

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